Wolf Battle and the Hidden World

Pick Me Up

The Little Blue Fish

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Wolf Battle and the Hidden World: Unless you came to this page by accident, you’re probably already familiar with Wolf  Battle, met the characters and just want to know where to send your friends to find the book!   If you DID reach this page by accident and haven’t looked at the rest of the website, then I would like to invite you to take a moment  look around.  If you are a fan of Science Fiction, Fantasy or just plain fun and entertaining stories that offer ideas for the brain or “food for thought”, the Wolf Battle series is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Pick Me Up:  In the summer of 1992, while I was working at Walt Disney World, I died after getting crushed by some heavy equipment.  I was resuscitated and after much rehabilitation, I am here today to share my writings with you.  In this book, I share the details of that story and do my best to explain to you, that the only one that can keep you down, is you!  The secret that kept me alive and drives me towards my goals is something that Bruce Lee referred to as “Emotional Content”.  Learn how to transmute negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones that will  help you to manifest your dreams!  Don’t just EAT THAT FROG, KISS THAT FROG!  PASSIONATELY!

The Little Blue Fish:  This little story is a parable.  A story to teach children a valuable listen they should carry with them throughout their life.  It is also a story that many adults can find value in.  When we listen to the other side, they might not be right, but we might just learn that we are not entirely correct either.  By  listening to all the information, we might arrive at new conclusions and reach a higher understanding.  Written in the simple manner of a parable, the Little Blue Fish will delight and entertain children and leave adults with message they can find useful in life.