The year is 2184, after the alien race known as the An-Ura attack an Earth cruise ship returning from the Vacation Planet, the peace treaty is over, war has returned and a small group of children find themselves stranded on an unknown planet in the Sirius Binary star system.   

The youngest of these is Wolf Battle, an eight year old of Lakota heritage, who although the youngest is also the oldest due to the fact that the young boy has a lifetime of memories from the eighty year old genius that he was cloned from.  

Arthur, the athletic 14 year old from Earth doesn’t like Wolf and he especially doesn’t like the young An-Ura boy that is with them.

Although just an An-Ura child, Fen is larger than any grown human, he’s not particularly fond of humans but enjoys a good Earth book when he can find one.  

Maya is a twelve year old girl who’s father was a famous Chinese botanist, grew up on Mars and she liked Fen almost immediately.  

Then there’s Tony, although he’s the same age as Maya, Tony seems to be the youngest member of the group, but at least he keeps them all laughing through their many tough situations.  

Selina looks like a human girl of perhaps thirteen or fourteen years of age, she is the child of an enslaved alien race.  She had been found left for dead on one of the “zone” mining planets.  She was raised by human parents.

Maggie and Sean are both from Kepler.  Maggie looks like a seventeen year old redhead from Earth and Sean bears a striking resemblance to popular young athlete from Earth, but the truth is that Maggie and Sean are both shape shifters and anything but human. Maggie and Sean do not like each other at all, in part, because Maggie was sent to kill Wolf Battle and Sean was sent to protect him.  Sean and Maggie’s true age are unknown, but probably several hundred years each.

In the middle of all this, a tall grey haired, dark skinned man who called himself Nomad appeared on this strange planet so far from Earth, with a fantastic story. Nomad had set out fishing from his home in Greece in the year 2012, and after encountering a strange storm, found himself wandering this world.  He soon finds himself as part of this team with a mission greater than the salvation of mankind.  

Stranded on a strange and unknown planet, how do these strangers learn to depend on each other to survive  the dangers?

Meet the Characters

ArthurSelinaFenNomadTonyMayaWolf BattleMaggieSean

         Arthur                                   Fen                            Wolf Battle                          Tony                              Maggie

          Selina                               Nomad                                                                             Maya                           Sean