Follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my Youtube channels (just getting started)  This page is in its infancy and will undergo a lot of changes over the next year or two.   Check in often as new things will be popping up all the time.

The following links will transport you to some of my favorite places.

My Facebook Page

If you friend me on Facebook, make sure to message me and let me know you came to me through Wolf Battle.....otherwise I might think you’re just some kind of weirdo or NSA spy ;)  Be prepared to get to know me in all my personal strangeness.

Manuel Fernandez’s Favorite Places:

My Facebook Author Page

My Official Author Page for Facebook.  A great place find the latest info on my latest projects.


My Author Page

A link to me and my published works on Amazon.

The Wolf Battle Youtube Channel

Not much going on here yet, but I’m planning to do a great deal with this.  Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day!  

The Very First Wolf Battle Animation!

It’s very short, so don’t expect too much.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Consider this the first baby step for more Wolf Battle animation to come.  

And now, for your veiwing pleasure…

Just out, the new promo video for Wolf Battle The Legend Begins book two