Wolfbattle.com: Fen, how do you feel about the war breaking out again between humans and the An-Ura?

Fen: I don’t remember the war, the An-Ura and the humans have been at peace for most of my life, but I know what the humans did to my people.  I learned in school what ended the war.

Wolfbattle.com: The high energy plasma weapon developed by Wolf Battle…. It destroyed one of your planets.

Fen: Some of my people hate him for that. My grandfather said we were as much to blame though… he said Wolf came to the An-Ura home world afterward, placing himself in great danger, to talk with the An-Ura and try to bring peace between us.

Wolfbattle.com:  After all these years of peace, why do you think the An-Ura attacked the cruise ship you were on?

Fen:  I don’t know but I know that they must have had a good reason.

Wolfbattle.com: So if the An-Ura are ready to go to war with the humans, you are ready to join them?  

Fen: Of course!  It is a great honor to serve!

Wolfbattle.com:  So what drives you to help the others that you are stranded with?

Fen:  Battle has given me the honor of serving this group.  He has asked me for my protection.  As long as we are on this world, I will serve them as my people.

Wolfbattle.com: Not everyone seems to trust you to keep your word do they.

Fen: The girl, Selina, does not like me…. She’s fast and hits hard…. Earthur does not like me either.  He hates the An-Ura.

Wolfbattle.com.  Arthur?

Fen:  Yes.  That is what I said… Earthur.

An-Ura, Friend or Foe?


Fen Ro-Gohn, known to his friends as “Froggy”.  Not fond of humans but he thinks they write good books which he does enjoy.  An-Ura books are all non fictional and mostly technical manuals, with some historical writings that non An-Ura may describe as works of fiction.  Fen is brave and loyal, he believes in service to his people above all else.

*****    In the Works   *****

Currently, in production is a short 3d movie starring Fen.  At this time it is in the modeling stages  (see images below)  You will able to watch that movie on this site as soon as it becomes available.