Wolfbattle.com: So your plan was to kill Wolf Battle?

Maggie:  What do you mean, “WAS”?  Haha!   And it wasn’t MY plan!   

Wolfbattle.com: So you are still planning to kill Wolf?

Maggie: I will do as I please!   Kill him!  Not kill him! I haven’t decided yet.

Wolfbattle.com:  And so if it’s not your plan, who’s plan is it.  

Maggie: Big shots on Earth.  They said, “Kill Wolf and we’ll make you Queen on your world!”

Wolfbattle.com:  Power…Very tempting… I can see where that…

Maggie:  Ha!  Power! You don’t have a clue! None of your kind do!  I don’t need anybody’s help!  When I’m ready, I WILL BE Queen of people!  I AM their Queen!  They just don’t know it yet.

Wolfbattle.com:  You don’t like humans do you?

Maggie: I like some of them.  I like your Buddha, and your Jesus,  your Plato, your Pink Floyd…. Oh yes, there are a lot of very interesting humans with very interesting thoughts.  Religion and philosophy are things my world knows nothing about, there may be some benefit in studying it.

Wolfbattle.com: What about the An-Ura, you fought a short war against them, you don’t have any use for them do you?

Maggie:  I don’t like the An-Ura.  They are stupid and afraid…. But even among their kind, there are exceptions.  I like our little frog.

Wolfbattle.com:  Fen?  You think he’s different?

Maggie:  He likes to read, he fights for his friends.  And I sense very little fear in him.  

Wolfbattle.com:  Final question; what do you really look like?

Maggie:  Haha…Really?  You really want to know, little one?  Heh, heh….Run.

Her Royal Highness, the Assassin  


The first human to lay eyes on her was Captain Margaret Harrison.  At that moment, the shape shifter from the planet Kepler took on the image of the young captain adopted the name she telepathically plucked from the mind of Captain Harrison as well.                  

Maggie’s Home world

Perelandra City, is what the humans call the capital city on the planet Kepler.  It is made of millions of detachable parts that break apart and submerge in an emergency.  

    The city is one of many that floats on the surface of vast oceans and is home to the Keplerians.

  They are a mysterious race of shape shifters.  Most of what humans know about them is due to the contact with “Maggie”.  

    Banished by her own people, Maggie was rescued by an Earth vessel on an exploration mission to Kepler.  With Maggie’s reluctant aid, humans have discovered that the Keplerians are fascinated by human philosophy and religion.  They are also fond of art and music.  Although their technology is far in advance of humans, they had never shown an interest in exploring space, except though powerful telescopes and similar systems. They have preferred instead to develop their civilization and technologies on their own world.

    They operate as a hive, under the telepathic leadership of their Queen.