Wolfbattle.com: You spoke with Angels?

Maya:  I would prefer not to talk about them, it seems to make grown ups uncomfortable and besides, I’m sure they would prefer that I didn’t discuss them with everybody.

Wolfbattle.com: Fair enough.  What would you like our readers to know about you?

Maya: I like to read.  My  parents have a huge collection of  old books from Earth. REAL BOOKS!  The old fashion kind with paper pages and everything!

Wolfbattle.com: What is it about the books you enjoy most?

Maya:  I like that you can go anywhere, do anything… you can be part of a whole new world… Mars is great but there has to be more than living inside of  bio-domes, growing plants and studying rocks…. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Wolfbattle.com:  So being stranded on an unknown world has to be kind of exciting for you?

Maya:  Oh sure, it’s exciting but  it’s pretty scary too!  We almost got killed when the An-Ura attacked the Cruiser and then there was that big blue demon thing!  The angels never said anything about demons!

Wolfbattle.com: Demons?

Maya: Wolf  thinks that there some kind of watch dog.  I don’t what they are but they aren’t nice. Froggy tried to defend us from it but it was too strong for him and Wolf thinks that there could be more of them around.  

Wolfbattle.com:  So what do you think about the An-Ura you have with you?  

Maya: Froggy?  I like Froggy!  Do you know that he likes to read Books?  His grandfather got him interested in old Earth stories.   He’s not like a lot of other An-Ura… He’s my friend.

Wolfbattle.com: And what about the two from Kepler?  What do you about them?

Maya: They’re very different.  Maggie is a little bit crazy… but we’re all in this together!

Wolfbattle.com: And Tony?  He seems to really like you.

Maya: No more questions!  

The girl who talked with Angels


Maya was born and raised on the planet Mars.  Her father a famous Chinese botanist and her mother a French geologist, Maya grew up with a strong love of books and sharp intellect, although she may appear a bit eccentric at times to the others….especially when she discusses what the angels have been saying to her.                

   While exploring with her mother, in the great caverns underneath Olympus Mons, Maya learns of  things to come.  

    Her conversation with the angels promised her that a great adventure lay ahead but after time she began to wonder if maybe her mother was right…maybe she imagined the whole thing.  But now, here she was on an unknown world and despite what everyone had said, Wolf Battle was not dead.  He had been cloned, and so it was still possible that the “angels” had indeed known what was to come.    Could he do it?  Could he fix it like the angels said?  But what did they mean that “the universe was broken”?  How could the universe be “broken”? One thing for sure, Maya knew that the angels couldn’t be wrong….could they?

    The Red Planet

 Mars is home to Maya as well as Wolf Battle, but unlike Wolf, Maya was born there.