Wolfbattle.com:  How do you respond to people who say that you’re kind of like the “Zeppo” of the group.

Tony:  No, no way, they have that all wrong… I’m more of like “the Groucho” of the group.  Not that I’m grouchy, actually I’m pretty upbeat.

Wolfbattle.com:  Do you think the others resent that you’re “the rich kid”?

Tony: No, I don’t think it bothers any of them…. Except maybe Arthur…. Because he’s poor and he only got to go on the trip because his brother found the golden ticket or something like that.  But it’s ok, I’ll buy him his own chocolate factory and he’ll be my best friend.

Wolfbattle.com: Other than Maya, who seems almost happy to be stranded on an unknown world, you seem like the only other one who’s not really upset to be here.

Tony:  Well, the food here is not the best, but hey, it beats spending four hours listening to Mr. Faulk.

Wolfbattle.com: Mr. Faulk?

Tony:  My history tutor.  

Wolfbattle.com: You don’t care for history?

Tony: History is ok, it’s just the way he teaches… makes me not give a Faulk.

Wolfbattle.com:  This is a family website.

Tony: What did I say?  Is this interview over yet?  I’m getting awful hungry.

Wolfbattle.com: I thought you just ate?

Tony:  Yeah, well what can I say?  I told Maya I’d meet up with her she’s going to show me how to tell poisonous berries from edible ones…. At least according to Earth botany…. I think I’ll grab chemical analyzer just in case….

Wolfbattle.com: You enjoy spending time with Maya?

Tony:  Are you kidding?  She’s awesome, she lives on Mars, in one of those bio-dome things, she explores ancient ruins and talks to angels and she has the cutest smile…… I gotta run!  

The poor little rich kid


Tony Ferelli, son of the famous Ferelli family, owners of the World Tour Cafe restaurant chain.  The Ferelli’s are part of the “IN” crowd. They have money and prestige and travel the world rubbing elbows with all famous people…. Which only makes it harder for Tony because he has ended up being spoiled but ignored.  Raised by servants and tutors instead of his parents.  Instead of looking forward to his time on the Vacation Planet, Tony feels like it’s just another way of his parents pushing him away.  Tony hides his feeling behind a wall of humor.  Which at the worst of times can be the best medicine for the group.