Wolfbattle.com: Military service seems to be a tradition in your family, are you planning to serve as well?

Arthur:  Absolutely!  It is an honor to serve your planet!  My grandfather and my  father served and I will too!

Wolfbattle.com: You have a lot in common with Fen.

Arthur: I have NOTHING in common with those things!  I’m a human being!  Not a disgusting frog! My brother might be dead right now because of those things!  If I could, I’d kill every last one of them!

Wolfbattle.com: And you think that Wolf Battle should have used the HEP weapon to do that, don’t you?

Arthur:  You’re darn right he should have!  Battle is a traitor!  Earth gave him everything and he turned on us!  He chose that dried up red rock over the Earth and when it looked like he might redeem himself against the frogs, he backs out and starts “talking” to the damn things!

Wolfbattle.com:  Wolf said he believes the An-Ura can be reasoned with.  Maybe humans and An-Ura can learn to be friends.

Arthur:  HA!  Those freaks on Kepler knew how to handle the An-Ura.  They wiped out the frogs that tried messing with them!

Wolfbattle.com: So do you like the freaks…uh, Keplerians or not?

Arthur: I like human beings… some of them…. I have no use for any aliens!

Wolfbattle.com:  What about Selina?  You seem to like her all right.

Arthur: Well… look at her!  She looks human to you doesn’t she?  I mean, her people can’t be much different from ours… and besides… she hates the frogs as much as I do and that makes her all right in my book!

Wolfbattle.com: So you and Selina are not at all happy about Battle giving Fen the ship’s gun?

Arthur: Did I tell you that Battle is a traitor?  He’s a lunatic and I think he’s loosing his little cloned mind!  As soon as we get off of this planet, some things are going to change!  Starting with that frog!

Son of a Gun


Arthur, is the kind of kid you don’t want your kids playing with.  He we would probably threaten them and take their lunch money.  Don’t get me wrong, Arthur is not a bad kid, he just feels he has to prove himself.  He thinks that he has show his dad that he’s better than those other kids, because his dad doesn’t think very highly of most people or “their rotten kids!”  Arthur is a strong kid, admired by others for his athletic ability, his father is immensely proud of his son’s achievements in school sports, although Arthur may not think so because his father is so busy with work and all that life has to throw at him, that he doesn’t always let his son’s know what he’s thinking.

Below, the original idea for Earth’s One World military, it has been changed for the new book to be The G.D. (Global Defense)