Wolfbattle.com: You part of a group of orphans that were sent to the Vacation Planet, it really hasn’t turned out to be much of a vacation has it?

Selina:  Is that a joke?  No, it hasn’t!  I guess this is what life is all about; every time you think something is going right, BAM!  It sucks again!

Wolfbattle.com: I apologize,  I didn’t mean to make light of the situation.  I think Arthur shares your feelings on the situation.  

Selina:  Arthur has it right about the An-Ura but  he needs stop thinking that human beings are the only ones that are any good.  

Wolfbattle.com: You don’t care much for the An-Ura or human beings, do you?

Selina:  I LOVE human beings!  I was adopted by humans!  Not all humans are like them though, some human beings were mean to me, they made fun of me because I wasn’t exactly like them…. But they were just being stupid!  My parents told me to ignore them, they were just “little” people who would have “little” lives…… But the An-Ura! They’re monsters!  I hate them!

Wolfbattle.com:  What do you think about Wolf giving your only weapon to the An-Ura?

Selina:  Yeah, well we’re probably all going to die any ways, so why not give the weapon to one voted most likely to kill us all?  Idiot!

Wolfbattle.com: You think Wolf is an idiot?

Selina: I think the cloning must have damaged his brain!  He’s not right!

Wolfbattle.com:  Who would you want to see as your leader while you’re on this planet?

Selina: I don’t know… Arthur is probably the best choice… Maggie and Sean are older…. Actually they’re Keplerians… from what I’ve heard, they could be ANY age….but they seem like they can’t wait to kill each other!

Wolfbattle.com: Really?  How odd! Keplerians usually seem to get along with each other so well…like parts of a single machine…

Selina: Yeah?  Well not those two!  I’ll be surprised if one of them doesn’t kill the other one before long. Sean seems quiet but angry, it’s obvious he hates her.  Maggie is… she’s crazy.  Period!  She makes Battle look normal!

The girl from Zone 6


Unless you know what to look for, you probably wouldn’t realize that Selina is not a human being. Maya and Tony noticed her larger than usual eyes and her smaller than usual ears, but Arthur, never noticed the differences.  Selina was found on Zone planet 6 where only a tiny remnant of her people survived.  No one knows where their home planet is.  Little is known about any of the Zone plane beings.  What IS known about them  is that they were all brought into the region as slaves to a civilization long gone.  Selina’s people were the only ones that closely resembled humans.  Some of the beings had died off long ago without the support of their overlords, other’s had thrived.  Selina’s people had barely managed to escape extinction on a harsh and inhospitable world.  

First contact with extraterrestrials came shortly after the development of hyperspace technology made possible by Wolf Battle and the scientists and engineers at the Martian Space Center. Exploration of the region discovered not only a wealth of resources but also intelligent beings eager for trade. While the aliens seemed fearful of humans at first, they quickly warmed up to us.  They were happy to learn their overlords had not returned and human beings offered many things they desired in trade.