Wolfbattle.com:  You must be thinking great deal about your situation, being stranded on this planet and what your best chances for survival are.

Sean:  (Leans his head to one side)

Wolfbattle.com: What do you think you need to do get off of this planet?

Sean:  I don’t know.

Wolfbattle.com: Wolf Battle seems to have assumed command of the group.  How do feel about an eight year leading all of you?

Sean:  It’s all right.

Wolfbattle.com:  Are you concerned at all about the An-Ura having the only weapon?

Sean:  No.

Wolfbattle.com: Do you think that Wolf is dangerous, unstable….likely to get you all killed?

Sean: No.

Wolfbattle.com:  Are you happy that there is another Keplerian here on this planet with you?

Sean: (Looks in Maggie’s direction and curls his lip) Not really.

Wolfbattle.com: What is your own personal goal while you are here?

Sean: Keep Battle alive.

Wolfbattle.com:  Really?  Why is he important to you?  Have you ever met him prior to this trip?

Sean:  Never met him before.  That’s the mission.  Keep Battle safe.

Wolfbattle.com:   So you were sent on a mission to keep Wolf Battle safe!  But they had no way of knowing that you would end up here….. Who sent you on this mission?

Sean: I have to go.  She’s too close to him.

Wolfbattle.com:  Oh.  What?  Who’s too close?

Sean: Maggie.  Don’t trust her.  She wants to kill him.  

(Sean runs off to stand next to Wolf.)

The Quiet One


Whatever you say about Sean, you can’t say that the most creative individual you’ll ever meet.  It’s not unusual for Keplerians to assume the image of the first person they meet or of one who’s image they’ve seen.  The first humans to trade with Kepler were forever meeting with duplicates of Mark Twain, Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe, Muhammad Ali and other famous people, but usually Keplerians chose to mimic famous humans from the past.  Sean chose Jonathon “Thor” Davidson, one of the most famous athletes currently playing on Earth.  Although Davidson loves to talk about himself and the three major sports he excels in, Sean shares none of the personality traits with the young athlete.  Sean is very private and not forthcoming with information.