Wolfbattle.com: You have just met up with the group, what do you think of your new companions?

Nomad:  They are a most welcome sight!  I was beginning to think I would never see another human being!

Wolfbattle.com: Of course, not all of them are human at all.

Nomad: No, but I think that they all have good hearts! Even big one they call, the Frog, I sense much kindness in him!

Wolfbattle.com:  What a change this must be for you, coming from your time into this world!

Nomad: And apparently I have company! None of the children are familiar with this world either!  It is such a strange place.  Things appear out of thin air and vanish again!  I could disappear at any moment myself!

Wolfbattle.com:  And no one seems to have any idea why that happens?

Nomad:  Even the little genius seems completely baffled by it!   Perhaps if I can take them to the Angel City, we can find out what is going on in this crazy place!

Wolfbattle.com:  You know where the Angel City is?

Nomad: I have been there several times…. Or I should say, I tried to go there several times.  I know where it’s at but getting to it is another matter!

Wolfbattle.com: And you call it the “Angel” City?  Maggie says the being who live in this world are angels.

Nomad:   She is correct!  I have seen them! They fought a great war against the demons!

Wolfbattle.com:  You’ve seen demons as well?

Nomad:  Yes!  Large horrible creatures with blue skin!  They defeated the army of angels!

Wolfbattle.com:  And so the angels you seek…they may not exist…. If the demons won, I mean.

Nomad:  And that, is another mystery for us to solve!  But better to face the mysteries together than alone!

The Man out of Time


In the year 2012, Nomad left his home in Greece for a day of fishing with his friends on the Mediterranean Sea.  When strange electrical storm takes him from his world and sends him rolling across the desert sands of a planet where two suns shine in the sky and bloody war wages before him.  Nomad finds himself joining Wolf Battle and crew in a search for answers.  Where is this place?  Did he die? Was he abducted by aliens?  Perhaps the answers to all their questions lie in the Angel City.