Wolfbattle.com: Wolf, what can you tell us about yourself?

Wolf: Technically... we’re eight years old, but we were cloned you see, and we can remember our eighty years of life from before.  They uploaded our memories into us when we were four years old.

Wolfbattle.com: That must make it difficult for you to relate to other children.

Wolf: Are you kidding?  It makes it difficult to remain sane!  We remember growing up, fighting in wars, falling in love and having our heart broken,  We remember our wife, our children.  We remember parents we never knew and a sister we never had.  I feel …. WE feel So out of place…. But we have a mission, something that we have to do…. Something much more important than just us.  

Wolfbattle.com:  And what is your mission?

Wolf: To save mankind.  (Laughs)  That is… if we can keep our enemies on Earth from killing us while we complete our promise to the An-Ura.

Wolfbattle.com: What can you tell us about the An-Ura?

Wolf: They are a powerful alien race. They were at war with us but we dealt them a major setback with a weapon we created…. A weapon we should never have created….  They’re really not the monsters we thought they were.   We promised them a defense shield that would protect their planets against any attack.  

Wolfbattle.com: And there are some humans who want you dead because of that?

Wolf:  Ha, yes probably that, but mostly they’re still mad about us  for switching sides back when we were young…. A young man and helping Mars win its independence from Earth.  

Wolfbattle.com:  What made you switch sides?

Wolf:A lot of things I can’t talk about…it’s too painful to think about… to remember…I can’t…I…I don’t want to answer anymore questions right now.

Hero or Traitor?

Wolf Battle

In the year 2184, the most dangerous person alive is an eight year old boy.  Wolf Battle, the young Lakota Sioux is the clone of an eighty year old genius.  He has the knowledge to annihilate worlds or save mankind, if he can keep eighty years of memories from driving him completely insane.  Battle struggles constantly trying to separate his eight year old self from his eighty year old memories.  Cloning was outlawed because clones commonly suffered mental breakdowns.